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My body is my best test laboratory!

  • Are you sick? On medicines? Stressed?  Fatigued? Overweight? 
  • Are diets, New Year's resolutions, and promises to yourself not working?  
  • Would you like to live longer healthy and independently or age unhealthily and maybe end up in assisted living or a nursing home?

Is it possible that you might enjoy spending your hard earned money on travel, children/grandchildren or experiences for yourself rather than doctor, prescription, and hospital bills?

Lets you and I have a discussion about what you would like your health to look like and we will discuss what your next steps might be.  I show all of my clients how they can make simple step-by-step changes to their food and lifestyle habits to enjoy the best possibility of a longer life with better health by EXPLORING a whole food plant based lifestyle. 

I, too, am on this journey for better health.

Over my adult years, I had slowly gained about 30 pounds. Once I tried a diet program and lost about 12 pounds and held it off for about two  years...and then it was back, plus more.

Let  me ask you this. Have you ever gone to the doctor, expecting the same  old news - basically nothing different? Then he or she shocks you with  some unexpected news? New or increased medicine dosage, or a new health condition?

In  March of 2015, I went to my cardiologist for a routine check. Right  before that visit I had blood work performed that showed total  cholesterol of 247. The doctor said, "It's time to put you on cholesterol medicine." I was devastated. I didn't want to take medicine  for cholesterol. I wanted to get rid of the cholesterol without medicine.

The  fear crept in.  I was pretty sure I could conquer this on my  own--I really wanted to--but wasn't absolutely sure how. After a few  seconds, I gave the doctor a sad and pouty face and begged him for more  time. He told me I had three months. My deadline was June 2015.

I  dug in.  What I learned very convincingly during my research is that your health is NOT a spectator sport, and most diseases are affected by by our food choices.

Our  traditional doctors use medicine to manage symptoms of disease. But there actually is a movement of doctors and medical professionals using food and lifestyle to reverse and cure diseases. The answers are out there, but you have to find the right  people and right approach for you. Each of us is bio-diverse and not one rigid diet or lifestyle will work for all. But there are patterns that are effective.

Three  months to research and make changes in my life! Whew! I had some time.  It was fun researching food and recipes!!!

BUT  - for 60 days, I was all research and no action! Yikes! I had 30 days left of my time before the blood test. Just 30 days and I had made NO changes.

Time to get into action! I thought that I could do anything for 30  days...so, the choice for me was to go whole food, plant based, no oil for 30 days. 

At the end of the 30 days, I had my blood tested and now had to wait a week to hear what the results were at the doctor's office.  Gosh - I knew what I "should" expect based on all my research.  But there was this incredible doubt - what if it wasn't long enough or what if it wasn't good enough?  What if I HAVE to go  on the medicine?  What if I failed?

I  showed up at the doctor's office - pretty nervous.  Not wanting to fail  me...or him.  I had asked for this reprieve.  I was called into the exam room...and I waited.  He showed up, said  hi and how are you doing like usual. Then he sat down and looked at the chart -  flipping back and forth a few times...making me more nervous as he did this.

Then he looked up at me over his reading glasses and said, "What did you do?  Your total cholesterol was 247 and now it is 195 - down 52 points."  I told him that I went whole food plant based no oil - I was too embarrassed to tell him that it was only for 30 days. :-)

The doctor told me, "You are one in 4000 people who actually make the changes necessary for their health." 

See, he KNOWS what is good for his patients, but has given up talking to them about changes they can make because most patients won't make the changes necessary to change their lives.

And  THIS is why I am passionate about sharing my information with you today.  What I found out is that your health is in YOUR hands. What you eat and what your children eat - YOU are responsible. Your lifestyle is a choice - you CAN live a life that is longer and healthier so you can actively enjoy your grandchildren and pursue your life's bucket list.

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