More About Me

Work History

My first full time job at age 19 was working as a medical transcriber for Los Angeles County.  Over the next 6 years, I became secretary to the Chief of Cardiology (in a UCLA-teaching hospital and clinic) and subsequently opened his private practice and worked there for a year.

Then worked 32 years in a corporation that grew to be over a billion dollar company.  Started out administrative and trained in IT functions, and spent the last 16 or so years doing electronic data interchange (EDI).

Discovered what a health coach was and decided that this was for me.  Became a certified health coach in 2016.  Then continued with the school and became certified in Transformational Coaching Method 2017, and certified again in Mastery of Transformational Coaching Method 2018.

Next will be certification as a Life Coach 2018...coming soon.

Past Speaking Engagements

Providence Hospital - Nurses Quarterly Meeting

Several retirement homes

Leeza Gibbons Foundation

Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Kiwanis - several

Rotary - several

Speaking Topics

Kick the Sugar Habit

Live Longer Healthier

Change Your Food, Change Your Life


Weight Loss

What I Believe

I believe that your health is not a spectator sport and good food can change your health.  

I believe that I can show you how to transform your health, increase your energy, lose weight, and enjoy the best possibility of a longer active life with better health just by making simple food and lifesyle changes.

It has been proven with science that using food and lifestyle, diseases can be prevented, stopped, reversed, and even cured.  

Can you imagine no longer taking medicines that just treat symptoms?  Reducing your diabetic, cholesterol, and blood pressure medicines just by applying a few simple lifestyle changes?

That is true health.  Even arthritis and other pains can disappear.  Aren't you worth it?

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