Heidi Fusco, M.D., NY

Karen Anderson is a light at the end of the tunnel  on a journey to overall health, weight loss, and body satisfaction in a  world where food pressures body shaming/ body hating are the norm. 

Working  with Karen has been the best decision I have ever made. With each  weekly phone call you tackle the challenges and problems that you are  faced with in your health/weight loss journey. She always meets you at  your emotional/energy level and provides innovated tools, motivation,  and strategies to overcome your daily, weekly and lifetime challenges  where you may have previously failed due to deprivations and guilt. The  12 week program is like nothing I have experienced before and you will  have a completely changed view of food , health, happiness and body  satisfaction.  You can only win with this program.

Karen is extremely compassionate about her work as a health coach.  I always looked forward to speaking with her, and she helped me through a challenging transition in my life.  Her voice is soothing and her words are powerful and strong.  I feel so fortunate as to be able to have worked with her.

Wendy Lynn, IL

Karen is a person with a positive attitude and work ethic. Over the years, I have seen her constantly and successfully strive to improve the quality of her life and those around her. She and her husband, Brad, are a team in making positive changes in their outlook and diet. She is an intensive researcher in learning about how what we eat and feel impacts our ability to face adversity and enjoy life to the fullest.

After observing her work, I was intrigued and asked Karen if she could help coach me to help with life-style changes and diet; we worked together for several months and I found that having her always upbeat feedback (no judgment) was helpful in getting me through a very stressful period of my life. 

She is fun and funny, thoughtful about everything we discussed, specific in keeping notes on our conversations. In our subsequent session, she would have researched the things that were stumbling blocks for me, and suggesting ways that I could try getting around them.

Rochelle Weaver, CA

I have known Karen for 7 years.  We met when I was working at an independent living senior community where her mother resided. At first our relationship was extremely professional. We would talk about her mother's participation in activity and socialization inside the community population. Her concern and empathy for her mother as well as all the other residents was very notable. She was always there to support and help as a volunteer. It was a natural progression for us to bond and grow into a friendship we began socializing together and with our husbands. We had a lot of things in common including aging parent who began having age related medical issues. 

As life changes us Karen has continuously exemplified qualities that are hard to find such as honesty, trustworthiness, empathy, and integrity. 

As she began her journey in her new career choice as a health and transformational coach I have been a witness and client to her growth and talent for/ with her passion career.

I am fortunate to work with Karen as a coach. As I have personally experienced it, her ability to listen and refocus is natural, her ability to create a safe environment for a client to express true feelings and fears so work can begin is filled with understanding. 

Karen has shown her ethics to be solid as a colleague, friend and coach. She has created a wonderful relationship on all fronts never blurring the lines or boundaries of the relationship. Today I am honored to have such a quality human being as part of my life.

Armida Cruz, CA

The Coaching Program has helped me keep my focus in the forefront of my brain with the connections I make.  It is an  opportunity to organize my life, focus, and succeed that the Coaching Program is offering me. 

Janet Banner, FL

Karen has been a real blessing to me on my way to a new life style  change in eating whole plant base foods.  I meet her on a Holistic cruise  in Feb. which was a life changing week for me.  She lives in California  and I live in Florida but we have sessions once a week by phone for an  hour.  We share recipes, ups and downs most of all she is an  encouragement to me on this journey.  Let her be a blessing to you too.